About my ingredients

Given the restrictions of a low-FODMAP and low-fat diet, some of the ingredients I include might be a little surprising.
Allow me to explain!

I have gone through the FODMAP-elimination phase (I did a full 6 months of it!). Once you’ve done that, it’s really a case of trial and error to see what you can tolerate, more or less permanently because your tolerance to FODMAP is likely to vary throughout your life. Sometimes your symptoms will be worse than others - sometimes you’ll be able to eat cheesy garlic bread with no after effects; other times just a sniff of garlic will make your stomach clutch in terror. A lot of this has to do with other things going on in your life - not only do bad IBS symptoms increase stress levels, but increased stress levels can lead to some really intense IBS symptoms, and so on - your poor gut really reflects what is going on everywhere else in your body and mind, so you’ll get to know what to risk depending on how you’re feeling generally once you learn which FODMAPs you can have in moderation.

Additionally, once you’ve done the test phase, checking your tolerance for individual FODMAPs and combinations, you may find that you’re absolutely fine with, for example, Polyols in isolation, so you can have apricots, but just a lick of Polyol- and Fructan-containing white peaches might be unbearable. As such, you may find that a certain degree of flexibility is required for some of the recipes and combinations - you may need to substitute fresh apricots for peaches, and so on. Some recipes contain mushrooms - simply leave them out if they’re a no-go. Use kale instead of sprouts, and use your favourite nuts if you can’t use pistachios. In most cases, there will be an obvious alternative like these ones, and in some cases I’ll include a note of what substitute works really well. If you have any questions, just ask!